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John Green's tumblr: Why Libraries Are Different From Piracy

Personal notes:

  1. Every artist I respect, I support. Whether that be by buying their music, books, a movie ticket or seeing a concert, I put my money where my mouth is.
  2. John’s comments are accurate for America, but there are all sorts of regional difficulties when you live at the bottom of the planet. Books here are not affordable. Thank God for Amazon and Kindle.
  3. As a branch off point two - why, when we live in a globalised society, must we wait months (or, often, years) to access legal content. My gripe isn’t necessarily with Copyright law (although I don’t think it’s in society’s best interests currently), it’s with the content being available legally.
  4. I think John makes some great points. I don’t pirate books. I value them, and I do think that between libraries, secondhand bookshops and borrowing from friends there is absolutely no excuse.


Yesterday on twitter, I expressed annoyance with the hundreds of people who send me emails or tumblr messages or whatever to let me know that they illegally downloaded one of my books, as if they expect me to reply with my hearty congratulations that they are technologically sophisticated enough…

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